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Collaborative studies: Studies in partnership
Orientations Programme of studies Studies in partnership

French manufacturers of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air handling appliances and systems created in 1960 a common research tool: CETIAT. The latter conducts for its 340 industrial affiliates a programme of collaborative studies.

This collaborative studies programme may lead to studies performed in partnership with industrial not affiliated to CETIAT.

This partnership takes several forms which may be defined according to your interests:

  • Join our research programme:
    You can contribute to one or several of our collaborative studies and thus share the costs and results with our affiliates and other subscribers. In joining our programme of studies:

    • You have a direct relationship with the CETIAT experts
    • Your company gets the image of being strongly involved in research works
    • You make the staff of your company sensitive to research and innovation
    • You meet with other subscribers
    • You have a neutral ground available to work with your competitors

    The results of our studies are complete, come from an independent source and are authoritative in the industry.

  • Subscribe to the technology watch in your field:
    The access to a selected information commented by experts is a precious tool to decide upon mean-term orientations of your products and their markets. This tool is now available in subscribing to the CETIAT technology watch bulletins..

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