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04/07/2019 - Participation of CETIAT in European project on metrology : "Metrology for drug delivery"
New calibration methods and improved knowledge for reducing fatalities caused by dosage errors.

The project MeDDII "Metrology for drug delivery" (2019-2022) will develop calibration methods to enable traceable flow rate measurements.

It will also aim to :
- investigate fast-changing flow rates;
- investigate the physical properties of mixtures of liquids and occlusion (blockage) phenomena in multi-infusion devices (that administer more than one substance directly into the veins of patients over one access point);
- expand the metrological infrastructure.

A better understanding of the causes of dosage errors will lead to increased accuracy and fewer errors. Lives will be saved by uptake of traceable calibrations of both low and ultra-low flow infusion devices, especially for multi-infusion systems.

09/01/2019 - Discover in video our products and air system solutions !
CETIAT works with you to innovate, optimise or characterise products and air systems.

We work on all ventilation-related products, such as fans, of course, but also: vehicle dashboards and motor cooling systems; building ventilation systems; hair dryers and vacuums cleaners; ovens and refrigerated cabinets; avionics systems, etc.

In its facilities, CETIAT conducts fans performance testing based on ISO 5801 and AMCA 210 air performance standards, and 13347-2 and AMCA 300 sound performance standards. We also have experience with the most complex air management systems and residential, tertiary and industrial building ventilation networks.

CETIAT provides expertise in airtightness, cooling, airflow management and comfort. For example, we’ve worked on projects related to agricultural engines, trains and planes, as well as auditoriums, administrative offices, workshops, production lines and nuclear power plants.

07/01/2019 - CETIAT: a long-term support for industrial innovation
Your performance is built on your production processes. Since 1960, CETIAT has worked with you on R&D projects designed to build efficient industrial solutions.
Based on your needs, from a particular process to the entire factory, CETIAT can examine one component of your process, or the design of your entire production line.

From optimising existing processes to designing technological innovations, CETIAT helps you:
- increase your productivity,
- improve product quality,
- validate innovative concepts,
- reduce investment risks, and
- decrease your energy bill.

CETIAT customises our services to fit your needs, combining studies, testing and modelling.

14/05/2018 - Reduction of fans noise : a research project at CETIAT
Ignacio Zurbano Fernandez chose Cetiat to make his stage research. He works on the experimental investigation of innovative noise reduction techniques applied to full-size fan prototypes.

The project "Reduction of the broadband noise of centrifugal fans used on HVAC in buildings" is funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie grant agreement n°722401 ("SmartAnswer").

01/04/2017 - Acoustic signature of heat pumps: CETIAT involved in a new international project
CETIAT participates to a new project of the International Energy Agency about the acoustic signature of heat pumps (Annex 51 of the IEA Programme on Heat Pumping Technologies). The primary aim is to increase the acceptance of heat pumps with respect to their noise and vibrations. A second focus is to disseminate knowledge at different levels (manufacturers, acoustic consultants, installers, legislators).

The project (2017-2020) will concern air-to-water, water-to-air, air-to-air and brine-to-water units. CETIAT will represent France in cooperation with Cetim. The other participating countries are Austria, Germany and Sweden.